Government of Qatar Scholarships 2022 -Fully Funded

You are invited to apply to the Government of Qatar Scholarship 2022. Qatar University offers scholarships to students wishing to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees. Scholarships are available through the Qatari National University. The university is the only government-run institution in Qatar and is ranked No.1 in the country. You will not need to take IELTS, as all expenses will be covered by the Qatar government.

Government of Qatar Scholarships 2022 -Fully Funded

Qatar government scholarships are among the easiest scholarships to obtain. IELTS is not required and there are no application fees. We are committed to providing our students with a high-quality education. In addition to the wide range of academic programs, there are 47 Bachelors, 29 Masters, 20 PhD programs, and nine Diplomas.

Scholarships are available in Qatar in many forms. There are many scholarships in Qatar that do not require IELTS. Are you interested in studying in Qatar? Take advantage of this opportunity since you have a lot of time to prepare your application. Take advantage of this most prestigious scholarship. Below you can find detailed information about Government of Qatar Scholarships 2022.

Qatar Scholarships 2022 – Details

The Qatar University (QU)

The following degrees are available: Masters, PhD, Diploma, and PharmD

Fully funded financial coverage

31st January 2022 is the deadline

All expenses will be covered by the Qatar Government for the entire duration of the program.

No tuition fees for the course.

Accommodation for students of the university.

Fee exemption for textbooks.

An annual round-trip ticket for air travel.

Majors & Fields of Study

All-Academic Programs & Majors are available at the National Qatar University. Below you can find a list of your fields and majors.

College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Business and Economics

Education College

Engineers College

Law College

Medicine College

Pharmacy College

Sharia and Islamic Studies College

Health Sciences College

Criteria for eligibility

Students who have earned a Bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree from an accredited institution of higher education or from an institution recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education

Students from abroad and Qatar residents are eligible. Any nationality is welcome.

Program requirements differ from one another.

The complete list of admission requirements can be found here

Date of deadline

International students can apply for the Qatar Scholarships for International Students until 31st January 2022

The Scholarship Application Process

The application must be submitted online. Please visit the official website of the National Qatar University if you are interested in applying for the Government of Qatar Scholarships.

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