Pak Army Medical Test And Pak Army Reception Medical Exam



Pak army is the most powerful and number one army in the world. Pakistan army is a professional army. Here you get all information of pak army medical test, army medical check up and army medical test requirements step by step. First of all you need to pass Pakistan Army Initial Test. Medical test is the 2nd test.

1. Height

For male you need to have 5 feet 4 inch Height, and for female 5 feet height is required.

2. Weight

You can’t tell invidually weight yourself. It’s upn on your body mass index Formula (weight,height).

3. Chest

31.5 Inch (without braething). With Breathing minimum 5 Inch expention total 35 inch required.

4.Eye Sight

This is Snellin Chart Test. For PAF General Pilot Duty Eye Sight Must 6×6 without relaxation and glasses.

This is Color Blindness Test.

5. Knee Knocking

6. Flat Feet Test

7. Piles Test